Monday, November 3, 2008

Comparison no.2

Ok it is time for another comparison. This time it is a bit harder. When i lived in Poland I was struck with the (i'm sorry to say) lack of fashion sense. There was just too many bad looking for it to be a coincidence. With this is mind I thought it was going to be easy to judge but then i saw this, last time i went to a restaurant in Sweden:

So compared to Poland:

Then I'm not really sure anymore, a tie or if it's even 1 - 0 to Poland on this one.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Killer snails

Irony is one of the highest forms of humor. Especially when it come unexpectedly.
Swedens gardens is suffering of a plague called "the killer snails" (mördarsniglar) it is brown snails that eats everything, really everything in their way. It has gone so far now that the issue has been brought up in congress on how to get ride of them.

This summer I went to the botanical garden in Gotenburg. And this is what I saw, a tribute to irony.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Comparison no.1

Now that I'm back in Sweden, I can't help but compare Poland or should I say Warsaw to Sweden (Linköping in this case). I compare everything and in the back of my mind I keep track on plus and minuses for each country.
There are a lot of plus for Poland of course but just since I have picture evidence I will focus on one negative thing in particular that differs Poland from Sweden. And I know people might think but hey you can't compare a 2 million city with a 100 000 city, but I don't care I will.

The thing is toilette manner. I could never get use to the toilette manner in Poland, to be frank it was disgusting. And me being on several festivals with the worst toi toi (baja-major) ever should know. I have written a post about this before but to remind my small but faithful group of reader I will post the picture again of one normal sight in night clubs in Warsaw:

Ok so this is Swedens contribution:

Sorry Poland but this time it is 1-0 to Sweden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IKEA my second home

In Poland it became evident that I was missing Sweden like crazy, so I started to hang out on IKEA just to feel like a proud Swede once again. You must admit that it is pretty pretty cool that IKEA is such a big company from such a small country.
Anyway now that I'm back from Poland I still treat IKEA as a family member, I try to go there every Sunday to have my Sunday dinner there, and when I'm there I normally go around and touch the tables and sit in the chairs just to say.... -hi!
But now it feels like IKEA have entrapped me in a deal that I'm not really sure of. I do not really need anything from IKEA and I'm kind of a poor student but I got this cupon that gives me 150 kr off if i buy for 500 kr. I kind of have to spend those money I mean who wouldn't want to have more memories of their family at home but at the same time....mmm IKEA should have known not to trick me in to something like that....

What the f**k I'm sorry but what am I talking about. Had nothing to do so I thought of writing a post but this, this is just crazy and I study to be a psychologist I should know crazy...
Never mind, there is like three people that ever read this blog (including me) so I can just write what ever I want.
Over and out

Friday, September 19, 2008

A wedding for Tom

It is strange how time change. How you go from pitch black and white to some sort of gray scale.
An old friend accidentally reminded me of an old favorite singer that I had forgotten.
I remember when i bought his record, I was strolling down the shop street of Gothenburg and I had some time to kill so I went in to a record store. There is was a record that was quite modest. It was a picture in black en white (ahh nice symbolism) of a guy. I ask to listen to it and ahhh was blown away. I never get that blown away nowadays. It was soft music with hard lyrics that pinched me right in my adolescent soul. No one I knew at the time had ever heard of him, his name was Tom Mcrae. I kept him secret, he was only for me, and a swore a pact with myself that I would marry the first guy that new of Tom Mcrae....
It was that simple back then, if they knew and liked Tom Mcrae then they must be like me, know me, feel me.
I remember my dissapointment when it turned out that my new found boyfriend didn't knew of Tom. It ended our relationship, me and my boyfriends, maybe not becaus of that, but it had definatly something to do with it.
We, me and that ex are best friends now eventhough this was about 5 years ago, and we have talked about my black and whiteness after that. It was frightening for him, my eagerness to judge people only on their music taste. I'm not like that anymore. Still I miss that sometimes, life was so romantic back then. So much broken hearts and melancholy, so much tears so refreshing.
Life is good today, I have noticed that there is so much more to a guy then music, but I still miss it sometimes.

Written under the Influence of Tom Mcrae - first album

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I did it my way

And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My friend I'll say it clear, yes it is decided I have moved from Warsaw. Instead of Warsaw I have now settled down in a small town in Sweden called Linköping. First time that I will live in a really small city (that does not have snow with off-pist areas). It is a big change and all in the name of psychology.
It turned out the the European Union had not come that far considering education over boarders after all. Staying in Warsaw for five years could have meant that I wouldn't be able to practice psychology in Sweden, and I'm the first to admit that Sweden may not be the best country in the world, with its cold weather and high suicide statistics but still it is my home country and I want to be able to live and work here if I please.
But that doesn't mean that I wont miss Warsaw, me new found love. It took a long while until I fell for this city but when I fell, I fell hard.

So good bye Metro Ratusz who welcomed my sorry ass every morning late for class. You always made me wait for bus 35 extra long time so that I got even later but had time to catch my breath while waiting.

Good bye ohh you ugly school that had so much history inbuilt in every stone. First time I saw you I hoped that I had gone wrong but your squeeky stairs and your good awful smell from the Bufet still took my heart.

Good bye you graffiti on the wall, that caused so much drama, so nice to realize where the focus of my fellow students where, on a graffiti painting!! Gone where the battle for a easy transfere to the Swedish system wich would make us be able to practice in Sweden, gone where the battle for a more fair school, but on with the battle for a good graffiti.....?

Bye bye all you beautiful looking people in Warsaw that was so fun to take pictures of.

Good bye to the coolest school library I have ever seen, with its fantastic garden on the roof.

Good bye you cheep good tasting beer, who I miss every day. Sweden has nothing on the polish beer. To bad you are so heavy so that I couldn't bring to much home with me, or too bad that the airplanes only have 20 kilos limit on the bags (all though I manage to get in 5 kilos extra by smart thinking...).

And a last good bye to all the old people that kept me so facinating with their stamina and "out-walking-gettin-angry-if-I-didn't-stood-up-on-the-tram-for-them" mentality.

I will miss it all, my Warsaw, my love, see you soon I hope.

Written under the influence of Frank Sinatra - My way

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Things has been just crazy for me for a while now, no internet, new town bla bla... I will write something more extravagant when I have settled down... I hope.

But while my absentness, here you are:

They mess you up your mom and dad
They may not meen to but they do
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra just for you