Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why do people prefer to be negative instead of positive?

I’m asking this as a psychology student but even more as a human being. It just hit me a couple of days ago, that most of the time people choose a negative outlook on life instead of a positive. Don’t take me wrong I’m one of them or at least I have my periods, but it is crazy really. Or is it some evolutionary benefit form going around being negative,maybe? Do we need to be negative to push ourselves forward?
Because to most of everyday tasks it is always possible to choose a positive or negative outlook, and I mean choose, because that is what it is all about. I don’t think that most people feel that they have a choice of choosing happiness or sadness but in fact they actually do.

The weird thing is that I even have problems trusting people that are too happy. If someone is too happy I always assume that something is wrong or that they hide a big dark secret, in fact I even find them creepy.

I prefer to have a realistic view on life but it is always up to us in which color we decide to color the world in.

So school have just started and already people are complaining of the workload, well come on this is our free choice, and we get to learn a lot of interesting things.

Someone complained about not finding the love of her life, well is that all what life is about, isn’t life more than just finding someone or rather can’t life be fun even though he/she is not around.

The only thing negative thoughts are good at is to create even more negative thoughts, or has it another purpose than that?

It is almost as though we today think it is cool to be negative, to not bother about anything. Even now writing this I feel uncool; well it is time for a change. We will only live once so why not try to do the best of it. At least I will try for a while, maybe it is cool to be uncool?

Written under the influence of Thom York - Black Swan


Katrin said...

You should really be happy for the little things in life - like the first cup of coffee in the morning, or when the newspaper actually arrives for once although you always pay anyway. Imagine if you were out of coffee and you couldn't read the paper - that would suck.
I creep myself out right now...

Correction: You should be sceptical, cynical and expect the worst. Then you won't be disappointed when the worst happens - although you might be disappointed when it doesn't.

Jag hittade din blog :)

A.T. said...

Ha ha fabulous this is what I mean with cool negative people. I just feel so uncool with my new found optimism right now

j said...

I think it is easier to complain when something goes wrong than to see positive aspects of it.
Maybe that's why so often people have negative attitude. It’s better to be sceptical and nicely surprised than disappointed, at least for me. Maybe it is some kind of a defensive strategy. I prefer to express my bad feelings about something than accumulate them. But I try as well to find some positive sides in every situation. In my opinion the most important thing is to find the balance. It’s good to be positive but it’s impossible to be happy all the time.

Bidelia said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

I have one negative thing to say: If you are negative, get away from me, I don't want to be around you, or your excuses or "reasons" for why you are negative. Either get a life or live yours as a loser.